Filming & Editing

Professional Filming

A Gregory Audio VIsual Video Production

Nothing captures your audience like a well produced DVD. We offer the latest in non-linear editing technology with Adobe Premier, AVID, Matrox RX and Pinnacle Media the industries leading software and hardware packages. We have invested in the new Sony EX Range of cameras and software.

This gives us broadcast quality formats in HD resolutions. Whether you need a simple meeting videotaped for archival purposes or broadcast quality productions with titles, sound effects and computer graphic imagery, our dedicated staff can achieve just what you are looking for. However, technology is not everything in video production, without a strong creative mind, your videos suffer by not effectively conveying your message. We strive to be on the cutting edge of production styles and looks, so your message will leave a lasting impression on your audience. See our latest work we have filmed for the NHS, NEXT, Focus DIY, Manhattan, Sylmar & Westholme to name a few. 

Gregory Audio Visual also owns Magic Moments Video Productions that was established back in 1985 and has filmed many Weddings, School Performances, Dance Shows, Events, Christmas Nativities, Christenings, Birthday Party’s, Anniversaries etc…. We still carry Master Copies for lots of work we have filmed in the past some of which are still available from us transferred to DVD Disk. For a list of videos we still have in our library please (CLICK HERE).  The list is under construction so if you do not see your video listed please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.    

Create Corporate Presentations for Meetings & Events.

We can compile professional presentations for various corporate clients for smaller meetings and events to largers events such as Awards Evening, Launches etc.